About US

Production Design. Art Direction. Set Design & Build. Props & Products. Styled to Perfection.

We're Dreamers. Doe-ers. Magic Makers. 

Jynnifer Macomber - Production Designer


A glassblower for many years, a photographer and interior designer for a few more, Jyn has had a lifelong love of creating, color, art and design. A natural knack for composition and a penchant for the eclectic has made her a dynamo in her field. She instictively knows how to transform the ordinary into the extrodinary, and has a pretty great sense of humor to boot!

Terri Stevens - Production Designer


A multi-talented gem, Terri began her career as a much sought after make up artist. After many years and many beautiful transformations, she shifted her focus from making up faces to making up places. With over 15 years of design, construction & build, she's a wiz at creating renderings and detailed plans. You'll never have to guess what your set will look like, she'll show you in living color!

We have designed spaces for homeowners and businesses alike and have built sets for stage, theater and film. We've styled sets and products for television and print and have worked on commercials, music videos, feature films, and award winning  short films throughout New England. 

You may have seen some of our work..................